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i'm experiencing pain, loss of voice, hoarseness (lasting for more than 2 weeks). is this class for me?

Vocal Roots courses are suited for all healthy voices looking to deepen their understanding of vocal function and preservation for everyday use. These courses should not be substituted for voice therapy. 

If you sense there's a problem, your first stop should be to seek out a board-certified medical physician. Otolarygnologists (or ENTS) specialize in issues involving the ear, nose, and throat. 

I am happy to provide you with recommendations for licensed health-care physicians, if you are experiencing any concerns.

I take vocal health very seriously and want to make sure you receive the most appropriate care possible. 

i haven't taken a science course in years. how advanced will this material be?

Need not to worry! I will break down the material and utilize many styles of learning. I realize that not everyone absorbs information the same way and do my best to make the material fun and relatable. I always welcome feedback and ways to improve upon teaching methods. 



Do I need to have any prior training in voice to take this class?

Come as you as you are, at any level! 

What do I need to bring with me to a class?

An open mind, questions, and whatever floats your boat for note-taking (if you choose!) 

What are your rates?

Vocal Roots believes in accessible education for all. I'm happy to work with you based on your needs and offer a sliding scale. Feel free to reach out for specific rates and packages.